most popular lace wedding invitations

Lace Wedding Invitations

lace wedding invitations

A selection of 10 printed lace wedding invitations available to customize and order on Zazzle:

Most popular top 10 elegant lace wedding invitation

1. Rustic lights, barn wood and mason jars

Rustic lace wedding invitation with barnwood, string of lights and mason jars
A charming rustic vintage printed lace invite with strings of lights and mason jars

2. Delicate elegant pink lace on simple white background

Elegant printed pink lace on white invite
Simple and chic invitation reminding of a traditional elegant style

3. White lace and string of lights

Rustic style printed white lace invitation with a string of lights
Simple rustic wedding celebration invite

4. Lace and horseshoes with a rope

Rustic white lace and horseshoes wedding invitation
Rustic country style invitation with printed white lace and horseshoes with rope

5. Barnwood and lavender

White lace and lavender on barn wood
A nice combination of lavender and lace – very vintage and rustic

6. Pink white vintage modern invite

Vintage modern white lace and pink wedding invitation
White vintage lace on a pink shiny background – a chic bland of vintage and modern

7. Simple burlap and white lace

Simple printed burlap and lace wedding invitation
Simple, rustic and traditional invite with white lace on burlap – all printed

8. Pink and white with pearls, ribbon and white damask lace

White lace, pale pink ribbon and bow printed invite
White printed lace with pearls, pastel pink ribbon with bow and a stylish look

9. Vintage peonies and lace

Vintage style invite with peonies and lace
Printed white lace and peonies on light beige tan background

10. Simple traditional wood and lace

Traditional rustic invite with white lace on wooden background
Rustic traditional and simple invitation on white and brown

All these invitations are printed – there is no real burlap, lace or pearls. You can have your own custom printed on zazzle:

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