Elegant Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

10 Elegant Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Beautiful selection of trendy wedding invites sets with hand-lettered style calligraphy. I love their simple yet classy style given by the swirly letters and the elaborate script.

Simple in white and black or navy blue and, sometimes, with a thin gold frame or in glam rose gold, they are perfect for any season classy elegant weddings:

hand lettering elegant calligraphy wedding invitations

1 Elegant Navy Calligraphy Wedding Faux Gold Border Invitation

Navy blue script with faux gold frame an clear white – CUSTOMIZE IT!

2 Elegant Calligraphy Script Wedding Invitation

Black vintage script and simple white – CUSTOMIZE IT!

3 Simple Romance Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Modern bold calligraphy with a pink blush touch on reverse – CUSTOMIZE IT!

4 Elegant Gay Wedding Invitation At Last Calligraphy

Trendy modern At Last script  – CUSTOMIZE IT!

5 Black and White Fancy Script Wedding Photo Invitation

If you prefer to add your photos, this is a great combination of script and image in black and white – CUSTOMIZE IT!

6 Mr. & Mrs. Elegant Script Wedding Invitation

If you prefer something special, go for Mr and Mrs hand-lettered typography – CUSTOMIZE IT!

7 Glam burgundy calligraphy vintage wedding invitation

More trend today: red burgundy trendy calligraphy with a glam touch of faux glitter – CUSTOMIZE IT!

8 Ampersand Monogram Wedding Invitation


Personalized bride’s and groom’s monogram with a discreet elegant typography – CUSTOMIZE IT!

9 Elegant Rose Gold Calligraphy The Wedding Of Invitation

More glamorous with a rose gold blush pink calligraphy – CUSTOMIZE IT!

10 Elegant flourish calligraphy vintage wedding invitation

Vintage, elegant in black, white and gold with flourishes and class – CUSTOMIZE IT!

And here’s more, including matching response cards, table numbers and inserts.

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